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Meet our team Paola Multimedia Project Manager

MEET OUR TEAM – Hello! I am Paola Facó, Multimedia Project Director

Hello! I am Paola Facó, expert in Digital Marketing and Audiovisual and Multimedia Communication. My professional career has developed in various areas, both in the private sector and in public institutions and NGOs. Currently, I hold the position of Multimedia Project Director at SOTO Business Partners, where I lead a team dedicated to the creation and management of innovative multimedia projects.

I would highlight my profile as international due to my experience in different countries, including Spain, the United States and Ecuador. In addition, I am fluent in several languages, which has allowed me to work with clients from different continents and adapt to different cultures and contexts.

Regarding my professional experience, I have worked in diverse industries and sectors, from technology to food & beverage, through the public sector and corporate communication. I have developed strategies and digital content for European brands and organizations, implementing new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence.

My responsibilities include Multimedia Project Management, Strategic Coordination and Quality Supervision to guarantee the success of initiatives in a dynamic and competitive market. My current work focuses mainly on the creation and management of digital strategies and content, and the supervision of the production of audiovisual resources adapted to different communication channels.

My work brings significant value to clients by providing tangible results in terms of generating and attracting clients through various digital channels. A specific example of a project that I am especially proud of is the implementation of digital strategies for brands like Sigma (Campofrío, Vegalia, Navidul, etc.), to improve the company culture with its workers throughout Europe.

Working at SOTO allows me to grow both personally and professionally, giving me the opportunity to develop my creativity and leadership in a collaborative, dynamic and empathetic environment.

Regarding the future of strategic communication, I believe that the integration of digital tools will continue to be vital, as well as the continuous adaptation to new trends and emerging technologies to maintain relevance in a market in constant evolution. However, in the midst of this technological boom, I like to remember a phrase from Steve Jobs that has left a deep impression on me: “Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have faith in people.”

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